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Warning of floods as new storm to blow in

By amanda ferguson

The jet stream has been blamed for the bad weather that has been battering Northern Ireland – and now it looks set to cause more misery.

After last week's storms and a cold weekend, more heavy rain has been predicted for tonight –and there is a danger of flooding this week.

Weather forecaster Chris Burton said contrasting temperatures in the jet stream were leading to cold, wet and windy weather in Northern Ireland at the moment.

"There is quite a divide between the colder temperatures across the North Atlantic at the moment," he said.

"The jet stream is driving low pressure systems in from the Atlantic.

"It's not particularly unusual for this time of year, but there is a flooding risk as it has been raining for quite some time now."

The Meteogroup meteorologist said another spell of heavy rain would be moving in tonight.

"It will clear by Tuesday morning to leave some blustery showers," the weather expert added.

"Through the rest of the week there will lots of showers, with some sunshine coming through.

"It will generally be wet and unsettled for the next week or so."

Following strong winds and heavy rain last Thursday and Friday, Northern Ireland Electricity yesterday said all 34,000 customers who experienced power cuts now had their electricity restored.

The areas worst affected were the Ards Peninsula, Moneyreagh, Ballynahinch, Dromara, Downpatrick, Crossmaglen, Newcastle, Gilford and Castlewellan.

Meanwhile, a BT spokeswoman said severe weather conditions had impacted heavily on its service, and a large number of faults had been reported by customers.

A significant number of faults were reported in Omagh, Enniskillen, Magherafelt, Downpatrick and Lisburn, with more than 2,000 repairs carried out.

A spokeswoman said teams were working throughout the weekend to make every effort to restore service to every customer.


Jet streams are ribbons of very strong winds 9-16km up in the earth's atmosphere that move weather systems around the world. Waves or ripples along the jet stream can cause Atlantic depressions to deepen as they are steered towards the UK, so they are important to meteorologists. They are caused by temperature difference between tropical air masses and polar air masses.

Source: The Met Office

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