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Warning over fraudsters posing as tax officials

By Staff Reporter

People living in Belfast are being warned about aggressive phone scammers claiming to be from the tax office demanding sums of money.

Homeowners are being urged to hang up if someone saying they work for the tax office calls or leaves a message claiming they must call back or risk facing legal action.

It follows reports of a similar scam in Australia where scammers claiming to be from the Australian tax office were calling people and demanding sums of money be paid or risk facing a warrant for their arrest.

The scam involves an automated message telling the recipient they owe tax and face legal action.

They are then asked to press a number to speak to someone to make a payment on their unpaid tax or face a lawsuit.

Some calls have also told people to get in touch with a solicitor as they could be facing serious legal problems if they don't pay immediately.

People are being urged to simply put the phone down to these unsolicited callers.

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