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Warrant is issued for gun accused by Craigavon judge

By Paul Higgins

A judge in Craigavon has issued an arrest warrant for a man living in Scotland after commenting he would be "hard pushed" to get there in an hour.

A defence barrister for 48-year-old David Holland suggested he had been excused from attending Craigavon Magistrates Court yesterday, but District Judge Bernie Kelly said there was "no way he was excused ... because I dealt with it - the chances of me excusing him are nil."

At around 1pm, Judge Kelly said "if he isn't here by 2, I will issue a warrant".

Holland, from Scaraway Street in Glasgow, is accused alongside Daniel Duffy of possessing a firearm in suspicious circumstances last March 19. Duffy, from James Street in Lurgan, attended court and was released on continuing bail. Issuing a warrant for Holland's arrest, Judge Kelly said that when it is executed, "he will need a Northern Ireland address because I won't be releasing him without one."

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