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Waste facilities get official opening

North Down Borough Council has officially opened two new waste management facilities at Balloo in Bangor costing £18 million.

The facilities comprise a five-story waste transfer station, on a three acre site, which is self-contained and self-sustaining (powered by renewable technologies, including solar panels, PV cells and an 850KW wind turbine), and a colourful, clean recycling centre of a circular design, which acts as a “striking landmark in the otherwise industrial landscape”.

Mayor of North Down, Councillor Tony Hill, said: “In building these new facilities, council sought to lead the way in developing a holistic and sustainable solution to our waste management needs, both those of our current residents and those of the generation to come.

“We are now seeing dividends in terms of a rise in our recycling rate, a reduction in our carbon footprint, and the effective integration of renewable energy sources and we will continue to build on these successes.”

The council opened the new facilities in Autumn 2008 and is now seeing dividends from this significant investment. Recycling and composting rate has risen to 42 percent in the borough while the recycling centre has welcomed almost 90,000 people since the start of the year.

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