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Watch: Alliance MP Naomi Long reads out loud mean tweets

By Claire Williamson

Politicians don't often see the funny side of criticism - but Alliance MP Naomi Long has done just that as she has read out mean tweets posted to her on Twitter.

The sitting MP for east Belfast posted a video which showed her reading aloud a series of tweets that had been sent to her over the past few years and responded with humour.

The video was posted to Twitter with the caption "For a bit of Friday afternoon fun, I decided to read some of the #MeanTweets I've recently received".

The tweets are wide-ranging - from questioning whether to vote for her in the upcoming Westminster election, to her appearance with some comments directed towards her hair colour- and she gives each a response with quick-wit.

The deputy leader of the Alliance party said: "As an elected representative obviously I'm in the public eye and I get a fair share of feedback on my performance on twitter and social media more generally.

"When you only have 140 characters you want to be really careful about what you have to say and sometimes brevity means people get to the point very quickly.

"I've had some really strange tweets but I've picked out a few that I have found quite amusing - and some are quite direct and to the point."

She starts off with "someone who clearly doesn't understand the electoral system" before she moves on to a tweet asking, "Is it weird that I find Naomi Long fit like?" to which she replies: "if you hadn't said it was weird I would have tweeted you back".

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