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Watch: Anti-Semitic tirade in Northern Ireland pub caught on video

A video in which patrons of a Londonderry pub spout vicious anti-Semitic abuse has sparked outrage.

In the clip, controversial Jewish filmmaker Tuvia Tenenbom (62) visits Derry's Bogside area and asks bemused locals why there are so many Palestinian flags flying there.

Entering a local pub, he meets a group of drinkers perched at the bar and asks them the same question.

"You have a lot of Palestinian flags here? Why do you support them?" he asks the drinkers.

"Because we hate the f***ing Jews," he was told by one man present.

"The Israelis are child-murdering scum.

"They stole their land and killed their children."

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One of the group shouted: "The only thing Hitler did wrong was he didn't kill enough f***ing Jews."

To laughter from his mates, the man, wearing an orange hi-vis jacket, repeated his claim, adding: "They're the scourge of the world, the scourge of the Earth."

Tenenbom was recording in Derry for part of a documentary series he was making on Brexit.


Recording: Tuvia Tenenbom

Recording: Tuvia Tenenbom

Recording: Tuvia Tenenbom

Condemnation of the ugly scenes seen in the video came quickly from all sides.

Arlene Foster described it as "a disgusting comment".

"The small Jewish community in Northern Ireland will always have my support and that of all right thinking people," she tweeted.

UUP MLA Doug Beattie said: "This must be condemned by all right-minded people and all political representatives and parties.

"But I certainly don't think this is mainstream thinking in Londonderry or anywhere else in Northern Ireland."

Sinn Fein figure Danny Morrison described it as "disgraceful".

North Down MLA Alan Chambers said: "It's a small snapshot but a rather revealing insight into how people can be programmed to support something they obviously do not understand and know even little about.

"History has shown us where this sort of controlling propaganda can lead to."

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