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Watch: Belfast golf prodigy Noah (5) a huge hit online as he marvels with mighty drive

By Stephanie Bell

As Portrush prepares to welcome the world's biggest golf stars, a five-year-old Belfast boy with a natural talent for the game has become a social media hit.

Videos of little Noah Adnett from Dundonald teeing-off at his local club have gone viral on Twitter and Instagram, where some of them have been viewed more than 30,000 times.

The little star-in-the-making is already following in Rory McIlroy's footsteps by training at his home club of Holywood under the tutelage of Rory's close friend and professional coach Ricky McCormick.

Noah's natural swing and ability to drive the ball huge distances have astonished onlookers at both Knock and Holywood Golf Clubs where he practises.

In some cases crowds have gathered to watch in awe as Noah plays.

The youngster started to play in his grandmother's garden last summer and it soon became obvious he had a gift for golf.

His mum Jody Dole, who also has a daughter Lola (3), explained: "My uncle plays golf and when he saw Noah playing in my mum's garden he said that he had a great swing and decided to take him to the driving range for more practice.

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Internet golf sensation Noah Adnett (5)
Internet golf sensation Noah Adnett (5)
Internet golf sensation Noah Adnett (5)

"He plays in Knock Golf Club, which is close to us, and also gets lessons from Ricky at Holywood, who can't believe how far he can hit the ball for his age.

"He apparently is great at driving the ball and has hit it 130 yards.

"Another uncle set up Instagram and Twitter accounts for Noah just before Christmas to post videos of him playing and they have just gone crazy."

Internet golf sensation Noah Adnett (5)
Internet golf sensation Noah Adnett (5)

Noah has already attracted a celebrity following.

His talent caught the eye of boxing star Carl Frampton, who was so impressed that he retweeted one of the golf prodigy's videos.

Hollywood movie star Kevin Costner came across Noah on Instagram and left a message referring to his big movie The Tin Cup in which he played golf pro Roy McAvoy.

Hollywood movie star Kevin Costner
Hollywood movie star Kevin Costner
Rory McIlroy

Coach Ricky, who has been giving Noah one-to-one lessons for two months, said: "I can't take any of the credit as he was already hitting the ball over 100 yards before he came to me.

"I have been working on the basics with him, his set-up and grip and posture, and the rest is just raw, natural talent and I'm just trying to make it fun for him.

"Last week he hit the ball over 130 yards, which is just amazing for a kid of his age. "To be honest I've been coaching for 10 years and he is without doubt the best five-year-old I've seen."

Noah, who is a pupil of Dundonald Primary School, is a huge golf fan.

His mum added: "His favourite player is Tommy Fleetwood, which surprises everyone because they expect him to say Rory McIlroy, although of course he likes Rory too."

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