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Watch: Belfast has its say on Brexit - 'The whole thing's been a disaster from start to finish'

Following Prime Minister Theresa May's decision to postpone the vote on her draft Brexit withdrawal deal, we took to the streets of Belfast to ask people to give us their views on Brexit.

Speaking in the House of Commons on Monday Mrs May accepted that the deal would not have passed had a scheduled vote gone ahead on Tuesday evening as planned.

She said she was committed to looking at "new ways" of giving the House of Commons a say in enforcing the backstop to secure "democratic legitimacy".

The Prime Minister said that she hoped changes to the deal would "reassure members we would never be trapped in the backstop indefinitely".

As she travelled Europe on Tuesday attempting to secure changes to her deal, we asked the public what they made of the Brexit situation so far, and what should come next.

David Peden told us that he felt Mrs May's participation in the Remain campaign has led to her failure to deliver Brexit.

"Personally I'd just tell the EU to go and get stuffed and leave. I think Britain's in a position of power, the EU's breaking up, so they are in a position of power," he said.

"She never wanted Brexit in the first place in my opinion. She should resign."

Suzanne McKee said that she supported the Prime Minister's current deal and hoped that the Brexit saga would come to an end soon.

"I've wanted to remain the whole time, so I'm kind of getting bored of it. I'm just sick of it, I'd like it all over now," she said.

"It's not a great deal, but for us it's ok. I'd be happy enough if we just go with that now. A second referendum would just cause too much of a big stir again."

Stephen Garrett felt it was important not to crash out of Europe with no deal.

"I think we need to leave with some sort of a deal, I wouldn't like to leave without a deal. I actually feel sorry for Theresa May, although she probably only has her self to thank for it. I'd rather not be in her position," he said.

"I think as far as the EU's concerned what you have is what you have, you never know but I wouldn't be hopeful."

Conversely James Burrell said that he preferred a no deal scenario, and wanted out of the EU at any cost. 

"I think it's a shambles, I really do. I can't understand this government, why they don't back the Prime Minister up, they are supposed to be all working together, but they are all stabbing each other in the back."

Gwyn Hughes also waned to leave the EU, saying the UK should be proud of the Parliament and traditions it has.

"I have great sympathy for Theresa (May), she's come through quite a lot. Certainly she hasn't done enough to keep Parliament happy and she would have lost that vote and possibly a general election. The biggest mistake she ever made was going for the general election previous to that," he said.

"All I want to do is to leave Europe and get out of the clutches of the European Court."

Harry Glover told us that he favoured another referendum to give people the opportunity to change their minds.

"I'm fed up with it, I've really had enough of it. I would have been a remainer and I think its shown that the whole thing has been a disaster from start to finish. I think our future is in Europe," he said.

"I don't see why we shouldn't have another referendum. People make their decisions in elections and after 11 months, they have had elections again. Sure look at this place, never done with elections."

Joyce Scott believed that Boris Johnson was the man to deliver Brexit.

"I think it'll be like it was going to be at the Millennium. Planes were going to fall out of the sky, computers would die, everything would collapse, I think we'll get through it. It never happened," she said.

"I want to get out (of the EU). My opinion of Theresa May is zero, she's no Maggie (Thatcher), I think she's made a mess of it. She should go, Boris, a maverick though he is, could get us out of it."

Gerry Kayes believed a lack of preparation ahead of the Brexit vote was the reason for current problems.  

"There's quite a lot of parties, and quite a lot of people within the parties who all want it for their own selfish reasons and that's why none of them can agree. It's as simple as that," he said.

"I've been a remainer, but I'd be democratic and I think they should have left and had it all organised before they had the vote. She's on a hiding to nothing."

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