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Watch: Belfast mum's warning after schoolboy charges in front of car

A Belfast mother has urged parents to educated their children on the dangers of the road.

Noilin Welsh appealed to other parents after a schoolboy came within moments of getting knocked down by her car.

She had been driving along the Stewartstown Road last Wednesday with her nine-month-old baby on the way to work.

She was passing a set of lights just before a Glider stop when a group of school children came charging across the road in a bid to catch the bus.

While most of them stopped to let her past one of the boys - thought to be between 12 and 14 - charged on. He narrowly missed the front of her car as Noilin slammed on the brakes.

"I think it’s one of the worst experiences in my life," she told the Belfast Telegraph, "I’m just glad I got stopped on time and the wee boy is ok."

She added: "This could have been a completely different story for me, my baby and that boy. It has traumatised me and I can barely even watch the footage.

"I have been living on my nerves all day and keep reliving those few seconds over and over again in my head. Please educate your children more on road safety."

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