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Watch: Buses circle Belfast roundabout adding to rush hour traffic congestion

By Jonathan Bell

A motorist has vented his anger at bus drivers who circle a busy Belfast roundabout causing traffic to build up.

The driver was trying to get some Christmas shopping done on Monday evening when he was caught in long tailbacks in the west of the city.

It was only when he reached the roundabout at the Falls Road and Andersonstown Road at Milltown Cemetery that he realised the cause of the hold-up was down to buses continuously circling the roundabout.

Such was his anger that he got out of his car and started filming what was going on.

It shows one bus sitting at the junction of the roundabout before entering with its hazard warning lights flashing while two other double-deckers circle around and around.

At one stage there were three buses on the roundabout.

The motorist said he believed the drivers continually circle the roundabout while they wait for a free bay in the nearby depot.

"It was only when I started filming that they moved off the roundabout," said the motorist.

"But there were cars beeping at them and the drivers were just waving and beeping back. There were a lot of angry people.

"This is a regular occurrence and the traffic is always terrible because of it. It needs to stop."

In a statement Translink said: “A number of buses returned to the depot for re-fuelling at the same time last night during peak traffic.

“Whilst the schedules are designed in a way to avoid such an occurrence, traffic congestion across the city can, at times, result in buses arriving to the depot together.

“This has been exacerbated of late by ongoing roadworks.

“To avoid delays to traffic, three buses briefly circled the roundabout rather than queuing outside the depot.

“Initial investigation showed traffic freely moving country-bound from the Falls Road throughout, however we are investigating further contingencies to prevent a recurrence.”

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