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Watch: Co Antrim school's cute Nativity video goes down a treat

By David Young

Staff and Primary One pupils at a school in Co Antrim have come together to retell the Nativity story - with a cute modern twist.

Inspired by the Haribo confectionery adverts, the charming video features teachers and staff at Loanends PS - including the school's lollipop lady - miming to dialogue spoken by the school's young pupils. Principal Linda Armour, who is one of the staff featured in the video, explained how it all came about.

"One of our classroom assistants, Jenny Wilson, had the idea for the video a few weeks ago. Inspired by the Haribo ads, in which children's voices are dubbed over adults, she also researched the scripts for the children to say.

"The staff were all for it," said Linda. "They like to have a bit of fun."

The video was professionally produced and edited by Katie May, a parent who has two children at the school.

"The children recorded their voice parts last Friday, and on Wednesday past the staff were filmed doing their roles - and then parent Katie put it all together," Linda told the Belfast Telegraph.

"There was no rehearsal or anything - we came along and we were told our lines, and the filming was done in one of the rooms at the school."

Recording took just a few hours and Katie pulled an all-nighter to put together and polish the final edit, Linda said.

"We saw it for the first time on Thursday afternoon.

"It was a really quick turnaround - but miracles still happen at Christmas," the principal said.

The children first saw the video yesterday morning.

"We told them we had a Christmas surprise for them - we wanted to send them off for their Christmas holiday in a really positive spirit," said Linda.

"We played the video at assembly - and they were so busy laughing about it that we had to play it again, as some of the children couldn't actually hear it above the laughter!"

The cute video retelling the story of the birth of Jesus was uploaded to social media yesterday - and already it has gone global.

"Within an hour of putting the video to the internet, we got word that someone in Brazil had viewed it," Linda said.

It's the second snazzy festive video the school has made.

Last year they told the story of the Twelve Days of Christmas, and this year the Nativity. But what's on the agenda for next year?

"We'll have to think carefully about that!" Linda laughed.

"It'll have to be something special to top this!"

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