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Watch: Dog who can't get a home due to wonky walk

By Cate McCurry

Meet Purdy. She's a Jack Russell who continuously faces rejection because of her wonky walk.

The adorable terrier has been overlooked by potential adopters for months because she walks with a non-painful limp, caused by a deformity of her limb.

Staff at a Ballymena-based animal rehoming shelter are hoping 2016 is the year that this special dog will find her forever home after being continually overlooked last year because of her deformed leg, which causes her to limp and gives her a slightly unusual appearance when she walks.

Seven-year-old Purdy is currently a resident of Dogs Trust Ballymena, where she arrived in August last year pregnant with two puppies who have since been born and rehomed.

Purdy is enormously popular with all of the team at the Ballymena based Rehoming Centre, with staff describing her as "an absolute sweetheart" and hope 2016 will be the year potential dog owners will look past her leg and give her a loving home to call her own.

Dogs Trust Ballymena assistant manager Sarah Park said: "Purdy is such a wonderful wee dog. All of us here adore Purdy. She often joins us in reception and keeps us all thoroughly entertained. Purdy arrived pregnant and gave birth to two gorgeous puppies in the summer. She was a wonderful mum, and now both pups have found homes she's desperate for her own.

"Purdy had a nutrient deficiency as a young pup which caused deformation in one of her front legs. She appears to walk with a limp but it doesn't cause her any pain or slow her down.

"She's a happy-go-lucky lady with a special personality and the looks to match. We think she's perfect just the way she is.

"She is such a great dog with a fantastic personality so, sadly, it must be her age and deformity that is putting people off."

Purdy is looking for a loving new home with adult owners or calm, older children, as she loves plenty of peace and quiet.

She enjoys short walks where she can have a good sniff around, rather than long, energetic walks.

Purdy adores her comforts, so a cosy home where she can rest her paws and enjoy an afternoon snooze or two would be ideal for this lovely pet.

  • If you think you can offer this lady a forever home and make her year, contact Dogs Trust Ballymena on 0300 303 0292. Log on to Belfast Telegraph online to watch Purdy's heart-warming walk

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