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Watch: Dominic Bennett's Brexit poem a hit online


Dominic Bennett performs How Brexit Ruined My Life

Dominic Bennett performs How Brexit Ruined My Life

Dominic Bennett performs How Brexit Ruined My Life

A hilarious poem about the perils of Brexit has become an internet sensation.

Written and delivered with expert comic timing by storyteller Dominic Bennett, his innuendo-packed Brexit ballad tells the story of how one man's life has been ruined by Brexit - even though the UK hasn't even left the European Union yet.

In the video, author Dominic deadpans his way through the sometimes saucy, sometimes salty, but always screamingly funny verses.

All the Brexit heroes and zeroes - mostly zeroes, it must be said - get a tongue lashing as the ballad unfolds, with rhymer Dominic recounting how his obsession with the twists and turns of the long-running political process has made his life fall apart at the seams.

Sammy Wilson and Boris Johnson feature prominently, as do the likes of Theresa May and Jacob Rees-Mogg.

Even BBC NI's Stephen Nolan gets a look-in at one point, as the poet bewails the curse Brexit has placed upon him.

"I listened into the Nolan Show, though it drives me near insane,

"For every Prod's determined to Leave, and every Fenian wants to Remain.

"Seamy from Coalisland thinks Irish unity's the only call,

"But Mervyn from the Shankill wants to build a wall..."

Finally, the rhymer's long-suffering wife has had enough:

"One night as I was making love, the wife grabbed me by the throat,

"She says, 'What are ye thinking of?'

"Says I, a People's Vote.

"She says I've had enough of you, and she quickly shoved me off.

"She says 'You've just called me Theresa, and your hard border's going soft!"

The crowd-pleasing performance was recorded at a session in the popular Crown and Shamrock traditional pub in Mallusk, Co Antrim, where storytellers gather every month to sing songs and share stories with an appreciative audience.

Pub owner Aidan McAlinden told the Belfast Telegraph his customers really enjoyed the Brexit ballad.

"It's brilliant. Everyone loves it, everyone's talking about it."

He said the country pub had only hosted two sessions of the storytelling night so far, and the hilarious Brexit ballad was recorded at the first one, held in March.

The video has already been seen more than 24,000 times on YouTube, and has attracted a wealth of appreciate comments from around the world.

Sonya Heller from New York said: "This is absolutely brilliant... and hysterically funny in its deadpan delivery!" While Maria Behan from San Francisco told Dominic: "Absolutely wonderful.

"I love how you make Brexit kind of dirty... which it is!"

The writer makes no secret that he's not a Brexiteer himself.

Replying to a fan, Mr Bennett posted on his Facebook page: "Yes... it's hard to believe that the future of Europe rest in the hands of Sammy and his cohorts. Men (and 1 woman) untroubled by the weight of intellect.

"More than half of them believe the world is six thousand years old.

"If you wrote it in a novel or play it would be dismissed as unbelievable.

"Aw well... as they say life doesn't have to be believable... but fiction does."

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