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Watch: Driver's safety warning after Belfast to Dublin road U-turn causes smash

Always wear a seatbelt urges professional driver

By Jonny Bell

The driver of an executive limousine, whose was involved in a crash on the A1 earlier this week, has urged motorists to always wear their seatbelts - even when sitting stationary.

Darren Smyth, who operates DS Executive Services was travelling down the A1 to Dublin to collect a client on Monday morning.

However, barely half-way through his trip he was involved in a high-speed crash just after the Rathfriland turn-off.

Incredibly a Mercedes joined the road only for it then to make a U-turn on the dual carriageway.

Darren's Mercedes' dashcam captured the entire horrific incident.

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The footage shows the car approaching a junction as a small car joins the road.

It then moves immediately into the middle of the road as if to make a U-turn, giving the oncoming car little time to move out of the way forcing the two cars to come together.

The resulting smash leaves one of the cars sitting in the middle of the road with smoke pouring from the bonnet.

Both drivers needed hospital treatment, but Darren said he and the other man were nothing more than "walking wounded".

He added: "First of all I thought he was just pulling out into the inside lane without getting up to speed and then he came all the way across at a steep angle - I had no where to go.

"The other gentleman was a little dazed and very apologetic, but thankfully no one was seriously injured. It could have been much worse.

"But both cars are a write-off."

Darren, who has been behind the wheel for over 30 years and a professional driver for 12, was able to arrange cover for his job on Monday, however, he says he has been left in "Limbo" while another limousine is found for him to carry on with his work.

Since he posted the footage online it has been viewed thousands of times online.

He said he hoped people got an important message from it.

"Wear a seatbelt," he told the Belfast Telegraph.

"Thankfully the seatbelts and the airbags did their jobs in this crash.

"Even when we are sitting stationary we wear seat belts, you never know what is going to happen on the roads.

"So expected the unexpected."

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