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Watch: Emotional homecoming video of Belfast pensioner reunited with his wife proves a big hit online


Wesley Boyd leaving hospital

Wesley Boyd leaving hospital

Wesley reunited with wife Sadie

Wesley reunited with wife Sadie

Wesley reunited with wife Sadie

Wesley reunited with wife Sadie

Aaron Boyd

Aaron Boyd

Wesley Boyd leaving hospital

It's a video to melt even the coldest of hearts.

When 76-year-old Wesley Boyd from east Belfast was admitted to the Mater Hospital on April 9 with persistent vomiting and breathing difficulties, his wife of 43 years Sadie (77) feared the worst.

Left alone in her home off the Cregagh Road, unable to be with her husband due to coronavirus restrictions, all she could do wait and pray.

Dad got out today and we surprised mum. We got her good!!! Thanks to everyone who encouraged us all. It truly means a lot. ENJOY!! Jill Boyd Wesley Boyd Jase Boydo Judith Boyd

Posted by Aaron Boyd Music onĀ Friday, April 17, 2020

But the clip of his heartwarming homecoming last weekend has now been seen by almost two million people worldwide and shows just how important family is during the Covid-19 outbreak.

Initial fears that Wesley had contracted coronavirus were eased when a test proved negative, but the former shipyard worker remained seriously ill with a twisted bowel. Needing emergency surgery, he was transferred to the Royal Victoria Hospital.

Once discharged, but not able to contact is wife to let her know he was on his way home, sons Aaron and Jason cooked up a plan to surprise their mother with an extra special 'delivery' to her front door.

"It really wasn't a plan to video the moment," said Jason.

"My dad knew he was getting out of hospital on Friday, but didn't know what time. He hadn't had the chance to call mum so we thought, let's surprise her.

"My brother Aaron went to collect him. His car is spotless as he has a daughter with cystic fibrosis and is taking no chances. What followed left us all amazed and we're delighted to share the happiness with everyone."

The couple were married in Templemore Hall on November 6, 1976 and have lived in the same home ever since. "When dad had to go into hospital my mum was beside herself with worry," said Jason. "Of course the fears of Covid-19 were there and with my dad having had heart problems and battled through throat cancer before, he was in a very high risk category. We just had to hope for the best and look after Mum as best we could with deliveries to her door.

"But on Friday we managed to give her an extra special delivery. The emotions were priceless.

"We've been through tough times with my dad before due to ill health, but this was tougher.

"We're just so thankful we got the happy ending and he's home, a little weak but safe and well and back with mum.

"They are a little shocked at the attraction they've got from the video on social media.

"We've told them about it but I'm not sure they believe us," he added. As for the star of the video himself, Wesley Boyd is simply happy to be home.

"I have nothing but praise for the nursing staff at our hospitals," he said.

"I can't actually find the words for how professional and caring they have been in such difficult circumstances.

"They've been unbelievable for me."

Given his high at-risk status, one nurse spent 24 hours by his bedside after he had come through his operation.

Now Wesley and Sadie are back together, sons Jason and Aaron also sent a huge message of thanks to the hospital staff.

"Hopefully sharing this video will show the staff just what their efforts mean to people across the country, whether they're being treated for Covid-19 or not.

"As a family we appreciate all the support and prayers from everyone," said Jason.

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