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Watch: Family catch huge rat in plagued Northern Ireland estate

A Co Down family have told how they have been plagued by rats - and no-one appears willing to help.

The family spoke to the Stephen Nolan Show on Friday morning.

Speaking anonymously, they said such was the extent of the problem they lived in fear of allowing their children, aged three and eight, to play in the garden.

They said they had caught seven in one day on one occasion and had suffered the problem for four years.

Neighbours around the Loughbrickland estate said the problem was on a huge scale.

"At night time and early morning," said one woman, "You see them scurrying about.

"I fear for our little granddaughter when she is outside."

Another said the animals were found everywhere and that traps would be filled mere hours after they were set.

Neighbours said they suspected the animals to come from a nearby river.

They shared a video of one of the animals they had trapped.

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