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Watch: FedEx's Northern Ireland delivery drivers filmed kicking and throwing parcels

Firm ditches pair over antics caught on camera

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Posted by Tea Talk and Gossip on Saturday, June 16, 2018

By Brett Campbell

International shipping giant FedEx has stopped using two delivery drivers after a video showing them recklessly handling fragile parcels in Northern Ireland went viral.

The company launched an investigation after a sub-contracted driver was filmed kicking customers' packages and forcefully hurling them to the ground in a Dundonald business park on Wednesday morning.

A second driver was captured throwing the boxes to his colleague from a FedEx van by a woman who works in a nearby office overlooking the car park.

The footage has been viewed by nearly five million people since it was uploaded to social media by Hayley Rae Hopkins (21).

"Every morning I witness this right outside my window at work," she said.

"Just a wee warning in case anyone's fragile mail ever arrives damaged from FedEx."

It shows one man kicking parcels placed on the ground while a second man throws more in his direction.

The man standing outside the FedEx van can be seen throwing a large box in the air that then bounces along the tarmac before he aggressively launches another large box in the same direction.

It crashes into a battered package already on the ground and knocks the box over before tumbling onto nearby grass.

He also prods the parcels with his foot. At least four of the boxes are marked as fragile. The onlooker who captured the footage expressed disbelief when the driver then casually went about his day.

"Wee man is a nutter, finishes off his throwing fest then smokes a wee fag in the van on the way out," she wrote.

The post has been shared by almost 85,000 people and attracted hundreds of comments from disgusted social media users.

One user used an expletive to describe the FedEx employee's behaviour.

"Clearly see him checking them before throwing them," he added.

"I would have been shouting out the window at this scum."

Another user who described his actions as "wild" asked if the red and white tape means the package was fragile.

"That's deliberate damage he's causing," one woman wrote.

FedEx told the Belfast Telegraph that neither of the two men still provide a service for the company in the future.

"The behaviour depicted in this video is not consistent with the professionalism FedEx employees and service providers demonstrate every day," the company said.

"We have investigated this incident, and the individuals who are represented in the video are no longer providing service on behalf of our company."

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