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Watch: Hairdresser Jason Shankey 'near wipe out' on Northern Ireland road

By Jonathan Bell

Hairdresser Jason Shankey was involved in an incredible near miss on a road just outside Belfast - which was all captured on camera.

The businessman and owner of four salons across the city was heading along the Belfast to Ards dual carriageway when "out of the blue" a car came careering toward him on the central reservation.

"It was nuts," he told the Belfast Telegraph.

The near miss happened on Wednesday night at around 10.30pm as he headed to pick up his daughter from a school play.

"I just caught it out of the corner of my eye. It mounted the central reservation and came flying past me at about 70mph. I had a quick check and there was nothing on the inside of me but I only had the chance to move over slightly.

"Thankfully it was just a near miss - but it went sailing on down the central reservation with its brake lights on, obviously skidding. It was a cold wet night."

The footage was captured on Mr Shankey's dash camera which he got after his last car was attacked by vandals.

"I was in shock when it happened and watching it again it was shocking. It was too dark to get any of the car's details but I think there was no one injured, it didn't look like there was a crash.

"I was returning up the road not long after it and all you could see was tyre tracks. There is a lot of signs on the central reservations and for anyone to hit them would be catastrophic."

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