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Watch: Liam Neeson sends message to Northern Ireland primary school telling them how 'proud' he is of them

By Claire Williamson

It's not every day you get a message from Liam Neeson telling you how proud he is of you.

But that's exactly what happened to pupils at a Northern Ireland primary school who received a special message of encouragement and praise from the Hollywood star.

The Ballymena man sent the message to Mallusk Integrated Primary School from Chicago.

He told them they had the "most fantastic little school" and congratulated the teachers, staff and the pupils.

He said: "Because you respect each other and make sure no-one is left out, you keep each other very safe and happy, you share with each other and every day you try your best.

"I'm very proud of you, keep up the great work."

The Taken star is a huge advocate for Integrated Education and, in February, he released a short video supporting an initiative from the Integrated Education Fund (IEF) to make integrated education available in almost every school across the region.

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The school's principal Suzanne Kinsella told the Belfast Telegraph, with that in mind, they wanted Liam to know what their school was doing.

She said: "We transformed two years ago and have been developing the ethos of the school, growing our enrolment working with the Northern Ireland Council for Integrated Education and IEF to progress the school.

"We have been revamping and updating everything going on in the school."

The children were very excited when they received the video message.

Ms Kinsella said: "We've got a lot of Star Wars fans in the school - the staff and the parents were even more excited.

The comments Liam makes about the children sharing with each other is part of their ethos.

She said: "Those are the rules for the school that the children made themselves. He was referring to that, about them keeping those. They receive prizes for that and for being friendly and respecting each other."

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