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Watch: Man with pram among near misses at train crossings in Northern Ireland

Translink has released footage of a number of near misses at train level crossings to encourage the public to be vigilant at all times.

Translink NI Railways said that unsafe behaviour at level crossings is putting members of the public at risk of serious injury.

The video is aims to remind people to pay attention to warning lights and notices and never try to "beat the barrier".

The shocking footage shows a number of people engaged in near misses at train barriers, with many becoming trapped after the red light shows and the barrier lowers.

In one incident a woman flees a car after becoming trapped behind the barrier. She walks around the side of the vehicle in an obvious panic before pulling out the driver and abandoning the car.

Another shows a man running through the crossing with a pram after the red light has shown.

One of the clips shows a car driving straight through the barrier, destroying it into multiple pieces, while another driver destroys two barriers when travelling at speed.

In another a man lowers his bike over the side of the barrier and hops over it before walking over the crossing while the warning light flashes red.

One man pushes the emergency button causing the barrier to lift even though a train is just seconds away.

An oil tanker is among the vehicles to ignore the red warning light and keep on driving, the driver then exits his vehicle and lowers the barrier through the emergency switch causing an oncoming train to slow down and eventually stop.

Two women fled their car after becoming trapped behind the barrier.
Two women fled their car after becoming trapped behind the barrier.

The most dangerous clip shows a driver just seconds from disaster. The motorists speed through a narrow crossing missing a train travelling at speed by seconds. The train passes through the crossing before the driver has fully pulled off.

Another driver panics after getting trapped behind the lowered barrier and is forced to perform a u-turn under pressure to get out of the way of the oncoming train.

They are forced to perform the maneuver in a small amount of space with another car waiting behind. The driver manages to get clear of the barrier just before the train passes through.

Translink's Director of Infrastructure John Glass said that a number of people had been prosecuted for level crossings misuse with approximately £2,000 in fines, costs and offender levies being issued as well as cautions.

"We will actively pursue those who do not follow the safe procedures,” he said.

 “People can put themselves and others at risk by not using crossings properly. We urge drivers and pedestrians to heed the notices, understand the warnings and stop until it is safe to proceed. Any temptation to ignore warning lights and try to rush the barriers puts lives at risk.

“People should never assume that a train will be slowing as it passes through a crossing. Express trains do not stop at all stations and can travel at speeds of up to 90 miles per hour. If a driver has to apply the emergency brakes, it can take over 900 metres for the train to stop”.

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