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Watch: Mass brawl involving hammer, baseball bat and golf club breaks out in west Belfast

Shocking footage of a mass brawl in west Belfast has surfaced on social media.

The footage shows dozens of individuals engaging in a vicious scrap with an array of weapons that include a baseball bat, a golf club, an extendable baton, and a hammer.

It is understood the recording was taken in the Grosvenor Road area on Sunday afternoon, and was the result of a dispute between a family who are neighbours in the area.

Police responded to the incident, and when they arrived the brawl had subsided and there was around 35 people at the scene.

At one point one of the young men in the video is knocked to the ground following a blow to the head with a baseball bat.

After recovering and grabbing hold of the weapon, he chases after the other young man who initially struck him and strikes him on the head in retaliation.

Stills of the footage also appear to show one of those involved holding a knife.

Speaking to the Belfast Telegraph, local SDLP councillor Tim Atwood said: "The images on the video of the dispute are sickening. If there is any problems in a local area with any dispute street brawling is not the way to deal with it.

"Anything like this needs to be dealt with through the police service or other proper channels. This type of behaviour is unacceptable."

A video of the brawl was posted to the Spide Pride Facebook page on Sunday evening, and was shared more than 1,000 times in less than three hours.

The video was captured close to the scene of another brawl just days earlier.

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