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Watch: Northern Ireland lorry driver’s encounter with ‘stowaways’


Two of the men who were found in the lorry.

Two of the men who were found in the lorry.

Two of the men who were found in the lorry.

A Northern Ireland haulage company has highlighted the issue of “stowaways” hiding on its lorries travelling from mainland Europe to Northern Ireland.

Ballymena-based Blair International shared a video on Twitter showing one of its drivers having to reason with men who were hiding in the lorry’s cargo.

In the video, the driver can be heard asking the men to leave the trailer.

“Okay, it’s either get out now or the police,” he says.

"Your friend has gone and he is fine. You’ll get a drink and something to eat.”

One of the men appears to share his own concerns and the lorry driver politely explains that having the men in the back of the lorry could create problems.

A second man then emerges from a hiding place and gestures as if to accept they’ve been discovered, at which point the lorry driver says, “cheers mate, you tried”.

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The driver was praised by people who shared the tweet for being “professional and courteous”.

Policy Manager for Logistics UK in Northern Ireland, Seamus Leheny, said that when traveling from the continent to Great Britain some drivers have these encounters.

Millions have fled armed conflicts or other crises in countries such as Syria and more recently Afghanistan.

Often people can be seen desperately trying to get onto lorries in France as they sit waiting to board ferries across to England.

When contacted for additional comment, Blair International said it did not wish to respond as it is has been happening for years and they’ve spoken about it in the past.

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