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Watch: Northern Ireland minister claims agenda to condition Christians into thinking 'sodomy acceptable lifestyle'

Rev John Greer in his sermon at his Ballymena Church. Pic BBC
Rev John Greer in his sermon at his Ballymena Church. Pic BBC

A Free Presbyterian Minister - in referring to the DUP putting forward a gay woman for election - has claimed there is an agenda to condition Christians into thinking things that were once wrong were now acceptable.

The comments were made by Reverend John Greer during a service at his church and before last week's local government elections, the BBC reported.

In it he referred to the DUP's selection of Alison Bennington as a candidate and the party's first openly gay politician.

"Christians are being conditioned into thinking that things that were once reprobated are now acceptable," he said from the pulpit of his Ballymena church.

"That's what the world can do. It can influence a child of God into thinking and believing that these things are no longer wrong such as sodomy.

"That's the big agenda today. Let's change the thinking of the people into thinking that sodomy is a lifestyle people are quite entitled to follow.

"And now we have the DUP putting up their candidate who is an out and out lesbian."

Referring to writings of the Apostle Paul, he added: "There we have before our very eyes what God has to say about the danger of an ungodly world, a corrupt world influencing the thinking of people who should know better."

The DUP and the Free Presbyterian Church were both  founded by the late Ian Paisley.

Reverend Greer told the BBC the remarks were part of a wider sermon and he would not dictate the DUP's choice of candidates.

He said the Bible was the "final authority" stating his church had criticised all political parties that attempted to "normalise and promote marital and sexual relationships that are in contravention of the clear teaching of scripture" ahead of the elections.

"If a party which once took a decision begins to move away from it, it's my duty as a Christian minister to highlight that," he told the broadcaster.

Alison Bennington was elected to Antrim and Newtownabbey Borough Council at last week's local government elections. However, some in the party have said there were "concerned" at the move by the party to endorse her to be a candidate.

In a letter to party officers DUP councillor John Finlay said the late Ian Paisley would be "turning in his grave".

The DUP has said it does not support the redefinition of marriage but does not discriminate against anyone and in its rules state everyone is equal.

DUP leader Arlene Foster, in the wake of her election, said Ms Bennington had a lot to offer as a councillor and was "delighted" she had won a seat.

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