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Watch: Northern Ireland shoppers' shock at price of butter

By Ben Tucker and Jonathan Bell

Belfast shoppers were in shock at the price of a block of butter - and there are fears it could get more expensive in the run up to Christmas.

Northern Ireland's top gourmet food producer Abernethy Butter expressed fears the price of a pound of butter could hit £6 for the festive period.

We took 500g of butter into Belfast city centre to see if they were aware of just how much the cost of a block of gold was in today's prices.

"£4 are you serious, I have never heard of butter costing that much in my life," said one shopper.

Another added that despite the price they had no option but to buy it.

"We'll be on dry bread before long," said another.

While on social media, one Facebook user quipped: "You'll need a payment plan soon... It'll help spread the cost."

Allison Abernethy
Allison Abernethy

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