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Watch: Northern Ireland's very own spider-man 'bounce' across Belfast

By Jonny Bell

He's been hailed as Northern Ireland's very own Spider-man, but the amazing George McGowan doesn't need superpowers to bounce across Belfast.

The 19-year-old from Carrickfergus has become an internet sensation with his latest free-running video.

In the video he bounces across his hometown and parts of Belfast seemingly defying gravity - and his joints.

Also known as parkour, George,  who is a coach at T13 indoor skate park at Titanic, has been involved in the sport for around seven years.

"I saw an online video of people practising this in France, since then I have practised, people sometimes can misinterpret what it is as it looks like just random crazy jumps but there is a lot of training involved and in my mind I do not try anything I am not capable of.

"I realised I was good at it early on as I naturally was quite springy and had a good jump and good acrobatics. Parkour has just been recognised as an official sport in the UK so I hope to take my talent further."

Since publishing his video, filmed and edited by his friend Ryan Taggart, on social media thousands have watched it, leading some to dub him Northern Ireland's Spider-man.

George added: "There is always fear when doing new jumps that involve risk such as a big drop, apart from that there is not much fear with the flips."

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