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Watch out Rory! Tot Sevie (2) is already in the swing of things

By Joanne Sweeney

He's the cute two-year-old who is named after legendary golfer Severiano Ballesteros - and now practises his swing up to four hours a day.

Meet Sevie Trowlen, the Co Antrim toddler who is totally obsessed with the game of golf.

While other children his age are playing in sand pits or being pushed around on a kiddie trike, Sevie is helping his dad dig their back garden to create a putting green.

And the opportunity for Sevie to try and replicate world number one Rory McIlroy's chipping into a washing machine trick when just a boy is also planned.

The youngster is already being trained to improve his skills by aiming for balloons tied to a golf swing net in the family's back garden. His natural talent is being encouraged by proud parents Sean and Iva.

The name choice came about through his family's love of golf as they watched the emotional Ryder Cup scenes in 2012 when winning European captain Jose Maria Olazabal dedicated the victory to the late, great Ballesteros.

Sean, from Glenavy, explained: "Sevie was known as Bob (Baby on board) all through my wife's pregnancy until he was born.

"Just a few days after the Ryder Cup he arrived, so we said he was going to be called Sevie in the golfer's honour, as we all love the sport.

"The whole family was behind it, including his older brother and sister from my first marriage.

"But because it seemed that people here couldn't really understand how to pronounce his name, we added an 'i' to it.

"It wasn't a case of us encouraging Sevie - he found his own way into golf, possibly because we watch it so much at home on the television and his mum Iva plays, as does his brother.

"Sevie began to try and swing toy golf clubs from his second year and at around 20 months we got him his own proper golf clubs, which I had to take a saw to. He has a really good golf swing and likes to practise about two to three hours in the afternoon." Both father and son had the honour of meeting Seve Ballesteros' golfer son Xavier when he recently played at the Northern Ireland Open at Galgorm in Ballymena.

Little Sevie turned up to meet the sportsman wearing a T-shirt that said on the back 'Rory the new Sevie is coming to get you'.

Sean explained: "I tweeted Xavier to say that we would love to meet him and he was gracious enough to agree to it. Like his father, he is a real gentleman."

Sean, who is a fire officer, has opened up Facebook and Twitter pages to keep followers up to date with his son's progress and posts videos of the little boy putting and swinging.

He added: "It would be lovely to think that Seve's spirit and love of golf is being shared with little Sevie, but it's all as long as he enjoys the game. That's all we care about.

"Sevie's still too young to join a golf club so at the moment he's only allowed to hit three balls over the hedge each day."

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