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Watch: Police release video of drink drive suspect careering around Northern Ireland supermarket car park

Police have released video footage of a suspected drunk driver careering around a Northern Ireland supermarket car park.

The footage shows the car erratically drive around Bangor's Bloomfield Shopping centre car park  before hitting a parked people carrier.

In posting the footage, dated from September last year, Bangor police said: "We are proud to say we have some very good figures in regards to crime but one area we definitely could improve on is in the number of serious road traffic collisions we attend and deal with.

"I suppose telling everyone the figures is one thing but as a community we really need to see some of the direct impact of traffic collisions."

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The officer added: "We are not doing this to shock people or make you scared of the roads but to hopefully let you see places where you may well travel and have everyone give a little bit of extra thought when they are out and about.

"We will continue to do our bit by carrying out speed checks, random breath testing, seizing uninsured vehicles and detecting drunk drivers but the safety of our roads is a collective responsibility.

"Take care and drive safely."

The post comes as PSNI revealed 383 people were arrested during its Christmas drink-drive crackdown.

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