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Watch: Smash as car attempts U-turn on Northern Ireland dual carriageway

By Jonny Bell

This is the moment two cars crash on the busy A1 dual carriageway after one vehicle appears to attempt a U-turn.

The footage has been posted on YouTube by DS Executive Services, a Belfast-based chauffeur service.

From the dashboard camera of a Mercedes, the clip shows the vehicle travel along the A1 passing the Rathfriland turn-off on Monday morning.

As it approaches the next junction a small car can be seen on the inside lane as if it has just joined the road.

It then moves immediately into the middle of the road as if to make a U-turn, giving the oncoming car little time to move out of the way forcing the two cars to come together.

The resulting smash leaves one of the cars sitting in the middle of the road with smoke pouring from the bonnet.

DS Executive Services owner Darren Smith said the crash left both he and the other male driver with minor injuries. Although both men were sent to the hospital for a check-up.

"Just walking wounded," said Darren.

"But both cars are a write-off and it's I am left in limbo as regard to work. I was on my way to a client in Dublin and had to re-arrange cover.

"It was an S Class Mercedes and not the type of car the insurance can just replace."

Darren said he posted the video to highlight the unexpected nature of the road.

He added: "In this instance the airbags and the seat belts did their job. I just put the video up to show people to expect the unexpected on the roads.

"Wear your seatbelt - we do even when you are sitting stationary. They do the job."

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