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Watch: Son of late UDA killer leads police on 100mph chase through Belfast

By Eimear McGovern

Police have released footage of the son of late UDA killer Stevie 'Top Gun' McKeag leading officers in a high speed chase through Belfast.

Stephen McKeag (26), of Movilla Street, Newtownards, Co Down was jailed for ten months in June.

He had pleaded guilty to charges of dangerous driving and driving without insurance after failing to stop for officers in October last year

His father Stevie 'Top Gun' McKeag died the age of 30 at his home in Florence Court off the Crumlin Road in north Belfast on September 24, 2000 as a result of an overdose of painkillers and cocaine.

He was a member of Johnny Adair's notorious UDA 'C' Company and was given the nickname 'Top Gun' over his involvement in numerous murderous attacks by the loyalist terror group.

Belfast Crown Court heard that Stephen Daniel McKeag hit speeds of up to 100mph as he tried to evade capture by police.

The chase took place after McKeag, a father-of-two, failed to stop at a police checkpoint on Corporation Street in Belfast at around 2.30pm.

Hitman: Stevie ‘Top Gun’ McKeag

Judge Stephen Fowler QC told Belfast Crown Court that a police officer was forced to jump out of the way as the driver accelerated towards him as he indicted for McKeag to stop.

Officers then gave chase to McKeag's BMW, which led them past Donegall Quay and onto Sydenham Bypass while driving on footpaths and breaking "numerous" red lights.

Judge Fowler added: "I have had the opportunity to view the police dash cam footage of the pursuit and it makes very harrowing viewing."

The judge said that as McKeag drove through built up areas in east Belfast in the middle of the afternoon, "plumes of black smoke" billowed out from the back of the car as he sped away.

McKeag almost collided with an ambulance on Whimney Hill after shooting out of a side street without stopping.

The car is eventually stopped after becoming wedged between two vehicles and stopped by another police car on the other side in Francis Street, Newtownards.

Police officers finally apprehending the suspect.

At one point, McKeag approached the roundabout at Campbell College at a speed of around 90mph "disrupting" the work of an emergency vehicle which had it lights and sirens on.

"When he was eventually stopped by police vehicles who had boxed him in, this defendant tried to make good his escape," the judge noted.

Such was his dangerous driving at speeds between 90-100mph, said Judge Fowler, that McKeag had "put lives at real and significant risk".

Belfast Crown Court heard that as a result of his father's death, the defendant had suffered "from alcohol and drug abuse" along with depression.

McKeag also cared for his mother and recently had to give her medical assistance after she fell and hit her head at home.

However Judge Fowler added that in case of dangerous driving, the courts had to "reach proper and fair sentencing".

Sentencing McKeag to 10 months in immediate custody, he also disqualified him from driving for two-and-a-half years.

He imposed a two-month concurrent sentence for driving with no insurance.

Speaking in the PSNI footage, Inspector Rosie Leech said: "This was an uninsured driver who went to court on a litany of dangerous driving charges."

She went on to say that had he stopped for police, he would have been prosecuted and had his vehicle seized.

"The message is simple, when the police ask you to stop, you need to stop," she said.

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