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Watch Stephen Nolan wind up his mum over incomplete 'fantasy island' holiday present

We hear him jostling with Northern Ireland's politicians on a daily basis - but Stephen Nolan is no match for his mum, as shown in their latest online video.

The BBC journalist filmed his mother Audrey as she returned from holidays with a present for him.

She had bought letters to spell out Fantasy Island, what Nolan's luxury home is known as, but it soon transpired that she had missed a key letter.

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As he winds her up over the mistake she quips: "Hurry up, you're on the TV get out to hell."

Before Nolan asks her to tell him that she love him.

She said: "Love my son, he's a pain in the a***.

"Here I'll give you a laugh, I was up at the airport and of course Betty says to this wee woman 'do you ever listen to Stephen Nolan?'

"And she goes, 'aye he's a mouth'.

"Here's me, 'I'll mouth you, that's my son.'"

And just at the end as Nolan asks will she watch him on TV tonight - she offers some motherly advice on his looks.

She said: "Who did your hair like that? They're making a buck eejit out of you. It's a sight. It makes you twice as fat looking."

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