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Watch total solar eclipse - Moon to take bite out of Sun over Northern Ireland

Today sees a total solar eclipse pass over North America, and while Northern Ireland will miss out on the full celestial spectacle, there could be something to see provided the cloud stays away.

Just before sunset the moon will appear to take a “bite” out of the sun in a phenomenon lasting roughly 40 minutes. The partial eclipse begins when the Moon touches the Sun's edge which will be close to the horizon from 7.40pm.

The mid-point will occur at different times around the UK, but overcast weather is likely to obscure the spectacle for most, the Met Office said.

In Belfast the best time to see it will be from 7.39pm with the partial eclipse at its maximum at 8pm and the event over by 8.23pm. In Derry it will start two minutes earlier with it at its maximum at just before 8pm. Only around 9% of the sun will be covered.

It will be 73 years before the UK will see its next total solar eclipse on September 23, 2090 - so set a reminder.

Did you manage to capture the partial eclipse?

Send your pictures to including your name and where you took the picture.

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