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Watch: Video of cyclist pushed off road into hedge 'filmed in Northern Ireland'

Doubt over where video was shot

A video of a cyclist being pushed off the road and into a hedge was reportedly filmed in Northern Ireland - although there is doubt over the location it was shot.

Millions have watched the video on social media after it appeared on the Facebook page of The Wrong'uns  with the footage shared around the world.

The six second clip shows a car speeding along a sunny country road before a man in a blue t-shirt hangs out the front passenger window.

As the car passes the cyclist, who is dressed in dark clothing and wearing a blue helmet, the man then pushes him straight into a ditch.

The cyclist is then seen going over the handlebars before disappearing into a hedge.

The clip ends with those in the car laughing.

Police said they are aware of the clip and trying to determine its original location.

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Do you have any information as to who shot the video or who the cyclist is? Contact 90264 192.

Social media users have said the incident happened near Kilrea. News organisation Derry Now also said the incident happened near the Co Londonderry village.

However, one user commented to say he had received the video on WhatsApp and it was only because he lived near the village that people thought it happened there after he posted it to Facebook. He said it did not happen anywhere near the village or indeed anywhere on the island of Ireland.



Others have said the incident happened a number of years ago somewhere in England.

"Do people not realise the seriousness?" said one comment, "This cyclist may have died or had life changing injuries. Being thrown off a bike like that at the speed he was going out, seems like he also flipped as well. This is attempted manslaughter/murder."

Chief Inspector Alan Hutton added: “Police are aware of a video that has been posted on social media showing a cyclist being pushed off his bicycle by a passenger in a passing vehicle.

“Enquiries are ongoing to establish when and where this incident occurred; if it was in Northern Ireland.

“The footage is shocking. This type of action is reckless and could easily end in tragedy.

“Anyone who can help identify the cyclist, or the driver and occupants of the vehicle, is asked to contact police on the non emergency number 101.”

In 2015 a similar incident was thought to have been recorded in Derry. It too showed a man leaning out a car window and push a cyclist into a ditch. Police investigated and are continuing to appeal for information.

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