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Watch: 'You disrespectful little s**t' - Phil Taylor blasts behaviour of Northern Ireland darts star Gurney

Darts legend Phil 'The Power' Taylor has hit out at Northern Ireland's Daryl Gurney after the 31-year-old didn't pour him a glass of water during a match on Saturday night.

Gurney has been criticised for his aggressive behaviour on the oche in the past, and Taylor branded him a 'disrespectful little s**t' after beating him 16-4 in an event in Wolverhampton.

Speaking to Dutch TV after the match, Taylor didn't hide his anger with how he felt Gurney behaved.

"The worst thing he did was to go on stage, pour a glass of water and leave me out," Taylor said.

"I thought, 'you disrespectful little shit'. That's my exact thought. I'll get you, I'll get you for that."

In another interview with Sky, Taylor expanded on his viewpoint, saying that his issue with Gurney boils down to an alleged lack of respect shown to him.

"Vintage Taylor wanted to teach him a lesson," he said.

"He's a youngster. You know what he did wrong? He poured himself a glass of water and left me out. I thought, 'you cheeky, cheeky, cheeky young so-and-so'.

"Little things. Respect. It's called respect. Without me, there would be no PDC. Have a little bit of respect. Come on."

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