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We can't win: Police say 'we are human' after officer drops gun magazine and bullet

Police have responded after an officer was captured on video dropping his gun's magazine and a bullet while police held a cordon at a sudden death in Lurgan saying they are only human.

The incident happened last week while police had to cordon off the railway crossing in Lurgan after a man died on the tracks.

Video captured on social media showed one officer on patrol drop his gun's magazine as he ducked under the cordon. As he went to continue after picking the item up those around the scene called out there were bullets on the ground. The officer then returned to collect those items.

"Another video, which should really be entitled "we can't win" is doing the rounds on bake book," said police.

The matter is under investigation by the Police Ombudsman after Sinn Fein MLA John O'Dowd raised safety concerns. On Monday the police said it would not be appropriate to respond given the complaint.

Posting on Facebook PSNI Craigavon said officers - even specially trained ones - did drop things and they were only human.

They said they had to carry weapons because of the terrorist threat.

The officer, identified only as "M" said the release for the magazine can catch on ballistic vests, "which we have to wear due to the terrorist threat."

"That's not to mention the fact that the guys that night were dealing with one of the most harrowing incidents we face. One mag down, one bullet out, both recovered quickly."

He added: "Part of our job, sadly, involves carrying firearms to counter the terrorist threat we face on a daily basis, and to protect the public from those who would do them significant harm."

He then went on to detail occasions when the officer in question had to use his weapon to help resolve potentially violent issues that the "media won't be aware of" and "that I had the privilege of being along side him for".

"Thanks to the onlookers who spotted the same thing as another one of our guys did and made sure that this dramatic dropping of an object lasted for all of 5 seconds, and that the scene of a man's death was captured on video for everyone to look at for years to come."

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