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We may be headed for coldest December since 1890

Much has been written and discussed about the winter so far and its potentially historic proportions.

Nationally it is not yet a record-breaking month but it does look like being the coldest December since 1981 and possibly, should the cold persist for the rest of the month, since 1890, which was the coldest December on record.

Some local records have been broken, most notably at Castlederg in Co Tyrone. Temperatures plunged to -18.6 degrees Celsius (-1.5F) early on Thursday, beating the -18C (-0.4F) set only a few days before. These were record lows not only for Castlederg but for Northern Ireland as a whole. Moreover, Castlederg's temperature has not risen above -4.5C (23.9F) for nearly a week.

There is a change in the offing, however, with the air becoming less cold next week, or even mild, with double-figure temperatures possible in the south west.

Travel plans today and Christmas Day might be affected by freezing fog patches and ice while snow and freezing rain around Boxing Day have the potential to be disruptive for anyone travelling before the temperature rises.

This might bring its own problems with a risk of local flooding as lying snow thaws.

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