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'We need action before there is a tragedy' - Anti-social behaviour in Moy sparks demands for a crackdown


Concerns: Christine McFlynn

Concerns: Christine McFlynn

Concerns: Christine McFlynn

Anti-social behaviour in the Co Tyrone village of Moy is making residents' lives a "nightmare" and could end in tragedy, it has been warned.

Mid Ulster's Police and Community Safety Partnership is to meet to discuss the problems.

SDLP councillor Christine McFlynn, who chairs the body, confirmed the move after issues were highlighted at this month's Mid Ulster District Council meeting.

Dungannon DUP councillor Clement Cuthbertson said urgent action was needed before someone was seriously hurt.

"My phone has been red hot in the past few weeks," he said.

"There is a serious situation in Moy and action needs to be taken by both the council and the PSNI before there is a tragedy.

"Residents are going berserk in relation to what is going on.

"Police have actually confirmed to me that on one particular night there were over 100 people who didn't manage to gain entry into licensed premises and they were left in Moy to climb through people's gardens, over fences and urinate in people's gardens.

"We all know Moy is just a short distance from a river and I was sent a WhatsApp video showing an intoxicated person collapsing in waste ground to the rear of these premises.

"It is only a matter of time until something serious happens."

Councillor Walter Cuddy said it was important the situation did not escalate but stressed the need to find a balance that ensures the night-time economy in Moy can still thrive.

He proposed councillors get together with other agencies to see if something can be worked out. Independent councillor Barry Monteith said residents had been in touch about the situation and said action needed to be taken now.

A concerned resident who did not wish to be named described the situation as a "nightmare".

"This weekend [Saturday, July 26] will be the fourth weekend of it, it has become unbearable," they said.

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