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We want Kieran McLaughlin murder suspect to surrender, say family


Police in Londonderry have set up a dedicated phone line for a suspected killer who is on the loose to use to turn himself in.

A senior officer said the family of Kieran McLaughlin want him to surrender.

The manhunt for Mr McLaughlin entered its sixth day today as the family of murder victim Barry McCrory (35) prepare for his funeral at St Joseph's Church, close to where the family of Mr McLaughlin (58) live.

Mr McCrory was gunned down on Thursday morning in his partner's flat in the Shipquay Street. He died at the scene leaving his nine year old son Shea.

His mother described how she arrived at the police cordon at the scene of the murder.

"I knew that was an area where Barry was with a girl. I approached a policewoman, did she know who it was? She said no, another officer will speak to you.

"He came over and I asked him was it my son, and he said it was. And that was how I found out.

"I'm trying very, very hard not to think about the whole circumstances surrounding it.

"Because I think if I was to let my mind wander as to how that was, I couldn't cope. I wouldn't be standing here now.

"I can't make sense of it."

Despite an extensive search on both sides of the Border Mr McLaughlin remains at large.

Leading the investigation, Detective Chief Inspector Ian Harrison said the McLaughlin family have joined the police in appealing for their father to hand himself in.

Mr Harrison said: "Following the death of Barry McCrory, police want to make a direct appeal now, to Kieran McLaughlin, a person to whom we would urgently like to speak with.

"We are not pre-judging Mr McLaughlin but we would ask him to make contact with us on 028 7121 0775.

"This whole incident has caused a significant degree of concern within the local community and we have been liaising closely with Mr McLaughlin's family.

"They want to see this come to a peaceful conclusion and that is our wish."

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