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We were told to abort baby but God give us a miracle

Northern Ireland dad reveals his joy as son's birth amazes their medics in Australia

By Angela Rainey

A father's prayers have been answered after the birth of his son - who doctors had warned would be born with no spleen, a heart condition and would not survive more than a week.

Doctors in Australia advised couple Liam Glass, from Co Tyrone, and wife Cindy three times to terminate the pregnancy. At one appointment a medic said "it had gone beyond faith" but the devout couple refused and "left it in God's hand".

Experts predicted that the baby boy would be born with a twisted bowel, impaired ducts that transfer blood between the heart and lungs and DiGeorge Syndrome, which causes brain function to be impaired.

But despite the odds, the little boy - named David Hope Glass - was welcomed into the world minutes before St Patrick's Day on March 16, weighing 7lb 3oz.

David spent the first hours of his life in intensive care, and doctors initially confirmed that David had no spleen.

Hours later they admitted David had been misdiagnosed, and also that he was born with a complete non-defective digestive system.

Sadly, the diagnosis of a heart complaint was confirmed, when a scan showed that David had two heart chambers instead of four, although the new parents were relieved to find that it was not DiGeorge Syndrome.

Liam (32), originally from Greencastle, moved to Australia five years ago and married Cindy (31), from Mauritius, last year.

Raised a Catholic, Mr Glass was baptised last week, and both are members of The Edge Church in Adelaide.

Liam said when they first heard that David would probably not live longer than a week, they believed their faith in God would sustain them.

"We didn't really get to enjoy the pregnancy after the first few weeks, because it was constantly bad news," said Liam, a foreman and plasterer. "So we prayed over the situation, as did members of our church.

"Doctors told us right up to 24 weeks that it was our choice but that they leaned towards termination, but it was not something we were going to consider. We knew the wee man would be born with a lot of sickness but we trusted in God to heal him.

"It was a real rollercoaster at times, so many ups and downs, but we knew we had to keep ourselves on track, trust in God, stay positive and keep going.

"We kept going to our church where people prayed over us and for us, it was amazing support and it kept us going from strength to strength."

The couple also sought help through Christian faith healer John Mellor, who flew from Adelaide to Melbourne to say healing prayers over a pregnant Cindy.

And to the delight of the dedicated dad, the doctor told him that David was not as bad as they had first thought.

"A guy called Costa did the scan, I remember it so clearly as he went over each of David's organs and called out each one - then he said, 'And here's the spleen'.

"I told him that the doctors said he did not have a spleen, so he called his boss over and he confirmed that David did.

"It was an absolute miracle and so overwhelming, that I burst into tears. I was so happy as we had been told hours earlier that without the spleen he would not live more than a week. We'd been told this so many times when Cindy was pregnant.

"We firmly believe that it was God at work." The couple now visit doctors every two weeks for David's check-ups and are preparing for the first in a series of operations in Melbourne, to help David's heart function better.

They say that "God has brought them thus far" and they trust that there is more miraculous healing to come.

They have returned once more to Mr Mellor, who posted a video of the couple's triumph on YouTube. "David was due to have his first operation, but then the doctors said that he did not need it, which is great news," added Liam.

"It also means that his immune system is strengthening in case he needs the operations, which we pray he won't."

Doctors now predict that judging from David's progress so far he could go on to live a normal life.

Liam added: "He continues to amaze the doctors, they just can't believe it when they see him and see how well he is doing, it's fantastic."

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