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Weather: Make most of the sun as snow could be on way

By Rebecca Black

Make the most of today's sunshine - because it is set to be the last of our early spring hot snap.

Thousands descended on our beaches this week to bask in the sun during the unseasonably warm Easter week, but there could be snow this weekend.

Monday was the hottest day this week, but yesterday was not far behind with temperatures as high as 17C.

Today is set to continue the warm feel with temperatures reaching 16C. It is expected to be warmest in the west, with the mercury creeping highest in the Co Tyrone towns of Newtownstewart and Omagh.

But we may be putting away the sun cream and bringing out the electric blankets again because all is set to change overnight.

The Met Office has forecast an "abrupt change" for this weekend, with markedly colder and windier weather expected - and even snow on the hills.

A spokesman for the Met Office said this evening will mark the end of the unseasonably warm spell.

"Friday will be a pretty decent day, however there will be some cloud around," he said.

"The top temperatures you'll see will generally be down from Thursday when it was as warm as 16/17C.

"It'll be a tiny bit cooler but still a nice, dry and bright day.

"Some rain will be turning up a little later on Friday night, and into the early hours of Saturday.

"Saturday will be a mostly dry, bright day, there might be the occasional shower later in the afternoon, but generally dry with sunny spells.

It will certainly feel cooler. The top temperature will only be around 10/11C and it will be breezier."

He confirmed this week has been well above average in terms of temperatures. The hottest spot was Helens Bay on Easter Monday when it was a balmy 18.6C.

Average temperature for this time of the year is around 12C.

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