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Weather: New 'polar plume' set to blow away heatwave

By Staff Reporter

The UK's heatwave will come to a shivering stop today when a 'polar plume' will see temperatures plummet.

And forecasters believe today could be the coldest April 27 on record.

Just days after Northern Ireland enjoyed its hottest day of the year at 19C, today's highest temperature is expected to be 7C.

Snow already hit western Scotland yesterday.

One forecaster said: "From being hotter than Egypt last week we are going to be colder than Stockholm this week.

"We enjoyed above average temperatures last week and we will have to suffer below average conditions this week."

Maps show the 'polar plume' with -10C high-altitude temperatures arriving in the UK this morning. Last night temperatures in Northern Ireland went as low as -2C in some places.

Gusty winds will come into force tomorrow, bringing with it a spell of wet weather that will sweep in from the Atlantic.

There is some hope for next weekend though as by Thursday the wettest weather will subside.

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