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Weather: Northern Ireland soaks up the sunshine

Northern Ireland is enjoying an early splash summer with sunny days and rising temperatures stretching out to the week.

Forecaster Paul Mott of Meteogroup, said: “Some warmer weather is on the way for a change.

“Tomorrow there will be quite a bit of cloud in the morning but the sunshine will be breaking through. Temperatures could rise as high as 21C with the highest in western areas such as Fermanagh but you will be looking at about 19C in Belfast and it will be largely dry.

“After tomorrow, the next few days look like being dry with decent spells of sunshine, with temperatures peaking on Thursday and Friday reaching around 24C. This is well above the seasonal average for this time of year — normally it would be about 14.5C.”

Weather watch from Meteogroup

Tonight: It will be a dry night across the UK with lengthy

clear spells in most places. However, it is expected to become cloudy

across Cornwall, and low cloud is likely to move into some eastern counties

of the country, especially towards the North Sea coast. Patches of fog are

also likely to develop in places.

Tomorrow (Wednesday): It will be a fine day for most of the UK with any

patches of fog clearing to leave sunny periods. However, isolated thundery

showers may develop through the day, and the fog and low cloud across

Cornwall and North Sea coasts may be slow to disperse. Very warm inland but

with sea breezes developing around the coasts.

UK Outlook (Thursday and Friday): Fog and low cloud will disperse in most

places on Thursday to leave another largely fine day with only isolated

thundery showers. Very warm for most, but with sea breezes expected around

the coasts once again. Predominantly dry on Friday with lots of sunshine.

Feeling a little less warm with a brisk easterly wind in most places.

Air Quality Forecast for Wednesday:

N Ireland Good Good Good

UV Index for Wednesday:

N Ireland 6

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