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Weather: Northern Ireland temperatures set to soar at weekend

Temperatures in Northern Ireland are set to soar as the weekend approaches, with the sunny weather carrying on into next week.

After a run of damp weather, things are expected to pick up coming into Thursday.

Speaking to the Belfast Telegraph, meteorologist with the Met Office Luke Miall said the outlook was "looking pretty good from now onward for the next five to seven days with temperatures on the rise as well".

"Friday and into the weekend there is going to be plenty of sunny weather around," he said.

"For many it is going to be a fine and dry day. As we go through Friday we will see temperatures building into the high teens, and into the weekend things will climb into the 20s across Northern Ireland, reaching 22 or 23 degrees across the province on Sunday.

"Into next week there is the possibility of temperatures reaching the mid to possibly high 20s."

While temperatures are unseasonably high, it won't quite be a heatwave.

"Parts of Northern Ireland have seen a much dryer and much better June already," said meteorologist Miall.

"We don’t have a definition of a heatwave here at the Met Office.

"So it is difficult to say. By the middle part of next week temperatures will be significantly above average, and you are going to have a number of days which will be very warm. To really say it’s a heatwave you might be looking at higher temperatures over a more sustained period."

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