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Weather: Northern Ireland to avoid Siberian blast as Britain braces itself for big freeze

By Claire O'Boyle

Northern Ireland is expected to escape the worst of the weather as the 'Beast from the East' makes its way across Europe.

The Siberian blast, blowing its way across the continent from Russia, will bring snow storms and freezing weather to the eastern side of England and Scotland in the coming days.

But while Northern Ireland should expect cold temperatures the weather will be crisp and dry through the weekend and into next week.

A high of 5-6C is expected tomorrow, falling by a degree on Saturday, with the lowest temperature of the weekend expected to arrive on Sunday - freezing or just below.

Stuart Brooks from the Met Office said the Irish Sea would provide an extra layer of protection against the biting Arctic winds.

"Northern Ireland will feel quite still and settled compared to other areas," he said.

"Yes, it will feel cold but it's still going to be dry over the weekend, and while temperatures are likely to dip below freezing overnight on some days, because the sun will be out in the daytime, frost won't stick around."

As well as the protection from the Irish Sea, the icy wind from Russia will hit the eastern part of the UK first.

"It's moving like a big clockwise circle but by the middle of next week that direction could completely change to northerly or north-easterly direction," said Mr Brooks.

He warned if temperatures were to dip further and the dry weather changed there could be snow going into March.

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