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Weather: Say goodbye to hazy days as heavy rain set to roll in to Northern Ireland

By Amanda Ferguson

It's been a beautiful September – heralding the death of summer and the arrival of autumn in the gentlest of ways.

But get your brolly out because the weather is about to take a bit of a depressing turn.

It's now official that this month has been the driest in Northern Ireland since records began more than 80 years ago.

Weather experts say it has been "a remarkably dry month" here, with just 6.4mm of rain falling compared to the usual 94mm.

So we have been experiencing around just 6% of the usual rainfall expected for this time of year.

Temperature wise, the average daily maximum sits around 16.5C – but this year the September average is up a little at 17.5C.

However, it is going to be a typical October as the usual wet, windy and changeable autumn weather takes a grip.

Tom Tobler, a forecaster with MeteoGroup, told the Belfast Telegraph Northern Ireland can expect a large amount of wet weather this weekend.

"The weather is changing a bit in the coming week," he said.

"There will be some rain for Northern Ireland from Tuesday. It will be a bit of a cloudy and damp day. As we go through the week Wednesday will be mainly dry but a bit cooler than it has been.

"Towards the end of the week it is likely there will be heavy winds and strong rains. It is going to be fairly unsettled for a while after that."

Mr Tobler warned that the full force of autumn was not far off.

"There will be a fairly wet start to October," Mr Tobler added.

"It will feel much more autumnal."

When the weather expert checked vast archive data relating to Northern Ireland he discovered September has been the driest since separate records began in 1931.

"There has been an average rainfall of only 6mm this month, it's usually 94mm so that is 6% of what you would expect.

"Looking back as far as 1931, when separate records began for Northern Ireland, the lowest previous rainfall was 9.4mm in 1986."

He added: "The average daily maximum temperature for September was 17.5C up from 16.5C."

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