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Weather: UK to feel heat again but Northern Ireland in for cooler spell

By Stewart Robson

Northern Ireland looks set to miss out on record-high temperatures this week as southern parts of the UK gets ready for more scorching hot days.

Despite the province basking in some of the hottest temperatures for well over 20 years last month, Wednesday could be quite shy of this year's warmest day, where it reached 30.1C in Fermanagh on June 28.

The Met Office told the Belfast Telegraph there will be plenty of sunny spells on Wednesday, however, despite not reaching the same sunny heights as last month.

"Wednesday's looking dry with plenty of sunny spells, maybe looking at around 20 to 22C. On Thursday there could be a spot of rain coming so it could be a reasonably damp day, particularly through the morning and easing off through the afternoon.

"In some sense, that could bring some much-needed rain to Northern Ireland as that has been a bit of an issue recently."

The Met Office has said there is a 40% chance of temperatures hitting 35C midweek in the southern regions of the UK. The warmest day of the year so far was 33C. In 2015, a scorching 36.7C was recorded in mainland UK regions, but the Met Office added that this is unlikely to be beaten this week.

BBC NI weather presenter Barra Best was quick to hose down any excitement that Northern Ireland could reach the mid-thirties. On Saturday, he retweeted a Met Office update regarding the UK forecast of soaring temperatures but stated: "Don't get too excited.

"The very high temperatures next week are for England, not Ireland."

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