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Website cashing in on Cave Hill naked photoshoot with nudist club t-shirts

A Northern Ireland company is cashing in on the Cave Hill naked photoshoot scandal by selling cheeky t-shirts on its website.

Norn Iron Tees website is selling the t-shirts, emblazoned with 'Cave Hill Nudist - Founder Member', for £17.99.

Hillsborough woman Nadine Poole hit the headlines two weeks after being snapped by hikers during a naked photoshoot at a famous north Belfast beauty spot.

The woman was spotted by ramblers who said they “turned away in disgust” after stumbling across the x-rated shoot.

One witness told of how he had been sitting down for a rest when he spotted the platinum-blonde Nadine posing at one of the distinctive caves.

“I was sitting drinking my juice and eating my Turkish Delight when what caught my eye was this girl with long blonde hair and a bright pink tracksuit and pink shoulder bag,” he said.

“I thought that looks really odd, it’s not the way you would come up Cave Hill.

“They went on up the path, he appeared to be getting his camera equipment out, then she took her gear off."

Social Development Minister Nelson McCausland called for Belfast City Council to investigate Ms Poole's adventures in the hills, calling them “totally inappropriate and unacceptable behaviour”.

The t-shirts are reminiscent of merchandise sold by a diving club in the County Donegal village of Muff. 

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