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Website reseller charged concert-goer £2,200 for four tickets, watchdog reports

A concert-goer from Co Tyrone was charged £2,200 for four tickets by a reseller.

The purchaser thought he or she was paying £400 but was massively overcharged, a watchdog said.

On the same website a consumer from Co Down paid more than £200 for two tickets to a golf tournament which had been originally bought by the reseller for £90.

Trading Standards Service (TSS) urged potential ticket purchasers to exercise extreme caution when using online ticket booking services for concert and sporting events.

TSS spokesman Bill Malloy said: "Consumers should not allow themselves to be distracted by the thrill of being at the head of an online queue, by screen timers, or information about the number of other potential customers looking for tickets.

"They should take their time and check each entire web page to read all the information on it. Rapid touch screen typing may prove rather costly."

Trading Standards said when buying tickets on any website the customer should establish whether they are dealing with an official or secondary ticketing website.

It warned the presence of seating plans did not make it official and said the displayed price may be for one ticket only.

It said booking fees of up to £150 per ticket were not unusual and they may not appear during the booking process if using a smart phone.


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