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Wedding ring offer man to lose his home

By Alan Erwin

A Belfast man who offered his wedding ring as part of a pledge to pay bank debts lost a legal battle yesterday to stop repossession of his home.

Senior judges rejected Anthony Parker's appeal against the court order, ruling that his assurance was not backed with any evidence of the necessary financial resources.

Lord Justice Gillen said: "He has made a promise which is without foundation."

Appearing as a personal litigant, Mr Parker was seeking to overturn the refusal of a stay on possession of his home at Forfar Street in Belfast.

Santander took court action against him after he allegedly defaulted on repaying a mortgage for the property.

The Court of Appeal heard how his offer of a promissory note - effectively a legal form of IOU - was turned down by the bank.

Mr Parker had also suggested putting forward his wedding ring to back up the pledge.

Even though he questioned the debt due, an order for possession was made against him.

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