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We’ll still kick up a stink over Kinnegar

North Down man Andrew Muir has welcomed progress on the problem of the ‘disgusting’ sewage smell emanating from the Kinnegar sewage works but will keep the pressure on until it is resolved.

Last week, Mr Muir, chairman of the Alliance Party in North Down, was informed that a special team has been commissioned to look into the matter of the sewage smell and make recommendations for possible solutions.

Mr Muir said: “As someone who cares passionately about the environment I welcome the progress but will continue to lobby NI Water and pile on the pressure until the odour problem is resolved. It is vital our environment is safeguarded and a solution implemented so people no longer have to endure disgusting smells.

“The team has already made initial findings which seem promising.”

Mr Muir has been informed that the emerging findings show there are three potential storm overflows in the NI Water network which could contribute to sewage discharges to the reed beds adjacent to the Waste Water Treatment Works.

He said: “The senior NI Water official will now be organising surveys of the sewerage system over the summer which, I am informed by the official, will ‘enable us to design a new drainage model to reduce, or preferably, eliminate the problem.”

“NI Water have informed me that their investigations will be thorough and will extend beyond the immediate area with Holywood’s sewerage system also to be checked.”

NI Water aim to produce a report by the end of October 2010.

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