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We're angry and fearful, declares sister of murder victim Sylvia as her evil killer is back on streets

By Aaron Tinney

The sister of a pregnant teenager cut up and buried by her boyfriend is terrified after finding out the killer has been freed from prison.

In one of the most brutal murders in the past 25 years in Northern Ireland, Stephen 'Bulldog' Scott slaughtered and dismembered Sylvia Fleming in Omagh in 1998 when she was just 17.

Former part-time firefighter Scott was given a life sentence for the killing in 2000.

But he has been taking part in a pre-release scheme and was spotted out in public, painting a fence at his mother's home.

Sylvia's horrified sister Josie Fleming yesterday said she despaired he had been released from jail.

She believes he is still a danger to the public.

She said: "Even though we knew the time was coming we are angry and fearful.

"That man should never, ever be released because he committed such a cruel, cruel thing.

"He'll be able to start a new life for himself while Sylvia can't grow old."

The Prison Service says the Data Protection Act bars it from commenting on individual cases or on release dates.

But Miss Fleming said: "They need to let us know when he is due for his official release - it's important for us to know when this evil person will be free to walk the streets."

She added she believed Scott was still "capable of anything".

Describing how he butchered her sister at their Lisanelly Heights home in Omagh on April 3, 1998, she said: "He took her into his flat, he tied her up in a bed and put a blindfold over her eyes and covered her mouth with tape.

"He injected her with insulin and when she passed away he put her in the attic and then took her down and put her in the bath to cut her up."

Scott and two accomplices then stole £25 from Sylvia's pocket to buy bin bags they used to wrap her remains in and cleaning products to try and cover their tracks. They carried Sylvia's dismembered corpse in the bags before burying her body parts about a mile away at a housing development on Circular Road in the Co Tyrone town.

Eight weeks passed before Sylvia's body was found under a partially-built property.

Police were led to the site by one of Scott's accomplices after they spotted him acting suspiciously on the outskirts of Omagh.

Seven parts of Sylvia's body were found under the dining room of the property.

The exact cause of death was never established.

Scott was ordered to serve a minimum 19-year term of a life sentence, and was described as "thoroughly evil" by a judge.

Miss Fleming added: "You never can come to terms with what happened.

"We're learning to live with it but we'll never, ever get over it."

She said she spoke out after she was contacted by someone who had seen Scott doing odd jobs at his mother's home in Warrenpoint, Co Down.

Residents of the Co Down harbour town have said they are scared Scott has been freed.

One added: "People don't want him here.

"I can understand why the poor girl's family don't want him in Omagh.

"But we don't want someone as sick and evil as him in our community."

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